Harrogate Road and New Line Junction Improvement Scheme

The Harrogate Road and New Line junction improvement scheme has received investment through the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Growth Deal - a £1 billion package of government investment to accelerate growth and create jobs across Leeds City Region. This scheme was awarded funding in 2015. Alongside the funding from the Leeds City Region LEP Growth Deal, the scheme has also been funded by developer contributions.

Both Harrogate Road and New Line are significant routes within Bradford’s transport network. Harrogate Road is a key commuter route between Bradford, Rawdon and Harrogate, as well as being the primary access between Bradford and Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA). New Line is another key route and provides access between Keighley, Shipley, Bingley and Leeds.

The changes to the Harrogate Road and New Line Junction will:

  • reduce congestion by increasing the capacity of the road network.
  • encourage sustainable modes of transport by improving the provision for cyclists and pedestrians
  • improve access to nearby transport hubs bettering connectivity and attracting investment and development in the local area.

The Scheme involved the following elements of work:

  • Substantial widening of the existing highway on all four arms of the Junction.
  • Replacement and upgrading of the Junction traffic signals.
  • P-Loop Junction', a new length of highway that would facilitate left and right vehicle turning manoeuvres from Harrogate Road.
  • Improvements to facilities for pedestrians including the provision of pedestrian controlled crossings and central pedestrian islands.
  • Improvements to facilities for cyclists including the introduction of cycle lanes and advance stop lines at traffic signals.
  • Demolition and reconstruction on new alignments of retaining wall features adjacent to the A657.
  • Construction of a new highway access for Farm Foods Supermarket's store and closure of the existing access.
  • Accommodation works to affected land and properties
  • New and replacement planting and landscaping in multiple locations
  • Road lighting improvements.
  • Relocation of five bus stops.
  • Significant diversions of statutory undertaker’s plant and services.

Further scheme details can be found on the scheme details page.


December 2022

The Greengates junction new road layout was opened to traffic on 31 May 2022 and the main construction works for the scheme concluded on 17 June 2022.

The traffic has been flowing well through the junction since opening, however we are aware there have been some traffic issues due to the nearby Apperley Bridge Flood Alleviation works. We are continuing to monitor the junction and will do so for a number of years to assess how the improvements are working and to see the benefits anticipated are being realised. We will completing some additional minor works in the New Year.

Traffic flow around the junction

A reminder to all motorists using the new road layout. Please familiarise yourself with the diagrams outlining traffic flow around the junction below before making your journey. The approach from Thackley remains unchanged.

Map showing the road layout approaching from Apperley Bridge.

Map showing the road layout approaching from Eccleshill.

Map showing the road layout approaching from Calverley.