Shipley Towns Fund Board and minutes

This page provides access to documents for the Shipley Town Fund Board.

The Town Fund Boards are established to drive the development of Town Investment Plans that will form the basis of Town Deals with government. Town Investment Plans will be submitted in January 2021. Each Town can submit proposals for up to £25m of Government assistance although it is expected that others will also put resources into projects, taking the total higher.

The Town Fund will provide capital funding.

The Terms of Reference will be agreed by the Town Fund Boards in September

The designated area for the Town Fund work is shown on this map (PDF).

The notes from the meetings will be published on this page in keeping with the timing agreed in the Terms of Reference.

The official government guidance on the Town Fund can be found at:

Government expects Bradford Council to be the accountable body for the Town Fund, guided by Town Fund Boards.

Towns Fund Shipley Board Members

Terms of Reference

Meeting 10 June 2024

Meeting 11 March 2024

Meeting 11 December 2023

Meeting 12 September 2023

Meeting 20 July 2023

Meeting 8 June 2023

Meeting 27 April 2023

Meeting 23 February 2023

Meeting 17 November 2022

Meeting 22 September 2022

Meeting 9 June 2022

Meeting 12 May 2022

Meeting 31 March 2022

Meeting 24 February 2022

Meeting 20 January 2022

Meeting 16 December 2021

Meeting 11 November 2021

Meeting 6 October 2021

Meeting 8 September 2021

Meeting 28 July 2021

Meeting 16 June 2021

Meeting 21 April

Meeting 4 February 2021

Meeting 6 January 2021

Meeting 21 December 2020

Meeting 2 December 2020

Meeting 4 November 2020

Meeting 7 October 2020

Meeting 9 September 2020

Town Fund designated area