D - Manufacturing, Engineering and Future Technologies Hub

Keighley Manufacturing, Engineering and Future Tech Hub.




Based in Providence Park, a real-world manufacturing/engineering business environment, enabling learners to gain academic and practical experience in one building, under one roof. The integration enables the successful delivery and teaching of ‘T’ level qualifications as students, to obtain this qualification, need to complete a mandatory minimum of 45 days of work experience, the MET Hub will provide this opportunity.


  • A purpose built and accessible facility to enable the necessary training and education opportunities to be delivered to address the local and wider skill gaps and shortages within the key sectors and region.
  • Student progression routes from level 3 to higher level 5/6 qualifications specifically in advanced engineering, manufacturing (textiles), maintenance and the technical support skills (CAD/CAM/CAE/CNC) around these, as well as IT networks, cyber security and online marketing.
  • Modern manufacturing equipment, techniques and digital technology, linking to remote monitoring devices and the use of paperless manufacturing through the use of mobile devices and tablet-based apps.
  • A ready-made business environment where learners will be able to complete the 45 days of work experience embedded into every ‘T’ level qualification.
  • 150 new apprenticeships delivered annually in a range of technology disciplines and employment opportunities for another 150 apprentices.
  • Engagement with 250 employers in the local region in its first two years of operation.
  • A single centre to provide a one-stop service for industrial skills and career development, support start-ups in technology as a launchpad for new products, market research and development and support access to apprenticeships and training sources.
  • Over 80 machines and pieces of specialist equipment including CNC Milling, CNC Turning, CNC inspection, 4 3D printers, 2 3D scanners, laser engraving machine with associated equipment, an array of 15 manual inspection devices, lathes, vertical milling machines, assortment of small power tools, electronic test rigs, robotic arm loaders, pneumatic test rigs, 2 electric vehicles and associated servicing technologies, 6 augmented VR welding systems and an assortment of high specification PCs and servers.
  • A hub for innovative product piloting supporting local SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures.

Position up to April 2024

Work has commenced on site. The foundations have been poured and the steel frame is complete. Long form GFA to be finalised once lease is in place. AFL will take place once the DfE agree the spec derogations.

Project sponsor

Keighley College

Further information

For further information on this project contact Michelle.Rushworth@bradford.gov.uk.