Key benefits

The Keighley Towns Fund will drive economic and social growth, regenerate our High Street, and support some of the most vulnerable in our Town.

Boosting the High Street and rejuvenating the Town Centre

  • The Community Health & Wellbeing Hub, the Creative Community Hub and Film Festival, and public realm improvements are just some of the initiatives that will increase footfall on the High Street and create a vibrant town centre.
  • The funding will also support local businesses and community organisations to grow.

Creating jobs and upskilling our workforce

  • The Towns Fund will boost local employment by creating jobs in manufacturing, healthcare, education, construction, and the creative industries.
  • By creating these jobs as well as investing in further training facilities, we will retain a higher number of our young people who may have been tempted to leave Keighley to search for employment elsewhere.
  • Establishing new training and learning centres will futureproof our workforce with the skills they need to handle future technologies whilst a range of flexible courses in English, Maths and IT will help ‘level up’ the qualifications of those searching for work.

Environmentally sustainable and helping our transition to net zero

  • The projects outlined in the Town Investment Plan will encourage low carbon, sustainable buildings and development and reduce the need to rely on carbon critical infrastructure by promoting development in sites accessible by public transport, cycling and walking.
  • Infrastructure improvements will enhance walking and cycling routes as well as investing in public transport, seeking to deliver more reliable services, including real time bus information and helping to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.

Addressing social exclusion and reducing health inequalities

  • The Health and Wellbeing Hub in the town centre will open opportunities to improve engagement and access to healthcare services. The Town Investment Plan also addresses skills inequalities and improves pathways into work for BAME women.

Improvements in Keighley benefit the surrounding rural areas

  • 50% of employment comes from people living outside of Keighley, including the Worth Valley, Bingley, Skipton and Bradford. The Town Investment Plan is an exciting opportunity for our town, it will also indirectly benefit those who commute here for work or regularly visit and help to attract visitors.