Frequently asked questions

We have anticipated some common questions about the Towns Fund for Keighley.

What is the Towns Fund?

In 2019, the Government launched the £3.6 billion Towns Fund. Keighley was one of 101 towns in England to be invited to bid for funding to support projects that will regenerate the town as part of the Government’s strategy to level up communities across the country.

Following a public consultation, Keighley Town Board successfully submitted a Town Investment Plan to Government in February 2021, setting out the case for our town’s proposed projects. The bid was subsequently agreed in June 2021, with up to £33.6 million being made available to Keighley.

The financial support from the Towns Fund will provide core public sector support for projects in our local area. In many instances, projects will also lever in private sector investment.

What area of Keighley does the Towns Fund include?

You can view a detailed map of the Towns Fund area (PDF).

How much funding will Keighley receive?

Keighley is receiving up to £33.6 million of Towns Fund support.

How do I find more details about a particular project?

You can read a description of each project on our projects page.

What are the benefits to Keighley?

Alongside other funding, this significant investment will deliver improvements to Keighley town centre and provide jobs and training opportunities, as well as wider cultural and social benefits for the town.

What is the Keighley Town Board and who sits on it?

Town Deal Boards are responsible for overseeing the Towns Fund submission.

More information about membership of the Town Board can be found on our Keighley Town Board page.