Collections by transit van

Those properties which are more difficult to reach, not accessible with a 16 or 26 tonne bin wagon, will be collected by a transit van. Unfortunately, this vehicle cannot mechanically empty wheelie bins direct into the back. We will not be able to collect your waste direct from your property. Your waste will need to be at a specified collection point.

General waste - we will no longer provide black bin bags but will continue to collect your waste, which must be presented in suitably tied bin bags. If you keep your bin bags in a general waste (green) bin, please do not put loose items in – everything should be in bags so the crews can easily remove them.

Recycling - we will provide you with reusable blue bags and a recycling (grey) bin to keep them in, so that waste doesn’t get blown about in bad weather.

  • Your collection day will be the same day for both waste and recycling but will be emptied on alternate weeks.
  • You will not need to separate your recycling items anymore, they can all go together in your blue recycling bags.
  • You can now recycle plastic food trays, yoghurt pots, margarine/butter tubs, food and drinks cartons.
  • We don’t want plastic bags in with your recycling.
  • Please rinse out to remove any remaining food or liquid.
  • You can have more than one recycling bin to store your bags in, they are free.
  • Put your waste out by 6.30am and if you use a bin, please return it to your property as soon as possible after collection.
  • We will only empty one general waste (green) bin per household or 3 bin bags.
  • Contaminated bins/bags will not be emptied.
  • The Domestic Waste and Recycling Policy will be enforced.

Thank you for your efforts to recycle, we appreciate your help.