Revenues and Benefits Privacy Notice

What information do we collect

We may collect some or all of the following information about you depending on which of our services you use:

Common to all services:

  • Name, address, contact details
  • Correspondence (emails, letters, supporting documents)
  • Conversations (recorded and typed notes of telephone conversations)
  • Case notes
  • Bank account details if applicable

Only when specifically required as supporting evidence:

  • Medical information (usually for Blue Badge permits but could also be to support Council Tax Exemptions and Reductions, and Benefits in specific circumstances)

Council Tax & Business Rates:

  • Dates of occupancy
  • Tenancy agreement and landlord details
  • Agent details if applicable
  • Business accounts and trading information (Business Rates only)

Sundry Debts

  • Services provided
  • Payments made and outstanding

Housing Benefit, Discretionary Housing Payment and Council Tax disregards, discounts and reductions

  • Date of birth, gender
  • National Insurance Number
  • Financial information (income, savings, assets and where necessary, expenditure)
  • Benefits you are in receipt of
  • Details of others living in your household
  • Landlord name, address and contact

Free School Meals

  • Child's name, address, date of birth and school

Discretionary Assistance Schemes (Assisted Purchase)

  • Date of birth, gender
  • National Insurance Number
  • Benefits you are in receipt of
  • Income

Payroll (for employees of the council and of organisations for whom the council processes payroll)

  • Date of birth, gender
  • National Insurance Number
  • Financial information (wages, tax, national insurance, pensions, and voluntary deductions)
  • Official and statutory forms relating to pay and conditions

In some cases we may also ask you to provide ethnic, gender, sexual or age information to comply with equality legislation. Where we do so, it will always be made clear that this is optional and that you do not have to provide it. Whether or not you chose to provide this information, it will not affect any decisions we make or services that we provide to you.

Why do we use this information?

We use this information about you to process

  • the administration, billing and collection of Council Tax
  • the administration, billing and collection of Business Rates including levies for Business Improvement Districts and other schemes as appropriate
  • the collection of Sundry Debts owed to the council
  • applications and payments for Housing Benefit and Discretionary Housing Payments
  • applications for Council Tax Reduction
  • entitlement to Free School Meals for your children
  • applications for Blue Badge (disabled parking) permits
  • applications for discretionary assistance schemes
  • wages to employees of the council and employees of other organisations where we provide payroll services

Collecting and using your information for these functions is vital to ensuring that the council collects the right amount of money to fund a variety of services such as social care, housing, highways, sports and health, museums, libraries and culture. We also use this information to assist individuals and families by helping them to obtain housing, school meals and mobility assistance where they may otherwise have difficulty.

What authority does CBMDC have to collect and use this information?

Under the General Data Protection Regulations, CBMDC collects and uses this information under powers given to local authorities (councils). The following categories of lawfulness apply:

Personal Data

6(1)(b) Contract: processing is necessary for a contract you have with the individual, or because they have asked you to take specific steps before entering into a contract

  • Payroll (council employees) Sundry Debts, Discretionary Assistance Schemes

6(1)(c) Legal Obligation: processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation

  • Payroll (statutory deductions)
  • Sharing with government departments and the police

6(1)(e) Public Task: processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller

  • Council Tax, Council Tax Reduction, Business Rates, Business Improvement Districts, Housing Benefits, Discretionary Housing Benefits, Free School Meals, Blue Badge, Discretionary Assistance Schemes

Personal Sensitive Data

9(2)(b) Social Security: processing is necessary for carrying out obligations under employment, social security or social protection law, or a collective agreement.

  • Housing Benefits, Blue Badge

Official Vested Authority

The main basis of our official vested authority is as follows, however this list is not exhaustive:

  • Local Government Act 1972 and 2000
  • Local Government Finance Act 1988, 1992 and 2012
  • Social Security Administration Act 1992
  • Welfare Reform Act 2007 and 2012

In the rare circumstance that we do not have a legal or official vested authority to use your information, we will obtain your consent first.

Who are we likely to share this information with?

We may sometimes share the information we have collected about you where it is necessary, lawful and fair to do so. In each case we will only share the minimum amount of information, only when required, for the following reasons:

With other Bradford Council departments to:

  • help safeguard vulnerable adults and children
  • ensure your children receive Free School Meals where you are entitled
  • provide advice and assistance to you
  • make it easier for you to register to vote in elections
  • help carry out their legal duties, including the enforcement of regulations
  • protect public money

With other government departments and the police to:

  • help process Housing Benefit and other benefits
  • help determine the correct Council Tax Band or Rateable Value of a property
  • assist with appeals and disputes
  • prevent, detect and prosecute crime
  • protect public money

With other organisations, including other councils (with your consent, or where the law allows us) to:

  • provide services to you on the council's behalf
  • provide services to the council
    • for example, payment processing, document processing and undertaking reviews
  • administer Business Improvement Districts
  • provide advice and assistance to you including Personal Budgeting Support for Universal Credit
  • protect public money
    • for example, enforcement agents or other councils


If your Housing Benefit is paid directly to your landlord, we may discuss payment details (amounts and dates) with them as we have to provide this information.

Research and Analysis

Sometimes we may use the information you have provided us for research and analysis to help us better deliver services and share this with our partners. When we do so, we remove any personal information that may identify you as an individual or household and only use and share anonymous statistics.

How do we keep this information secure?

Your information is stored securely on database and document management systems with stringent access and use policies. We also undertake quality checks and monitoring to ensure the information we hold is accurate at the time and being used appropriately.

When computers make decisions about you

Council Tax billing

When you submit an online form to update your Council Tax information, our system may process this automatically and determine a new bill. If you disagree with the outcome, you can appeal to have the outcome reviewed by a person in the normal way by following these instructions.

Income Collection

If you have not kept up with payments or have not made an acceptable arrangement to pay, our system will automatically escalate your account and you will be issued with a reminder notice.

If payment or an acceptable arrangement has still not been made for Council Tax and Business Rates, the system will automatically escalate to court proceedings. The enforcement process is described in more detail on these pages for Council Tax, Business Rates and Sundry Debts.

If you disagree with the outcome, you can appeal to have it reviewed by a person in the normal way by following these instructions for Council Tax, Business Rates and Sundry Debt or by responding to the notices. If the case has progressed to court proceedings you may only be able to address this in court.

When your data gets sent to other countries

We do not send any information we collect about you outside the United Kingdom.

How long do we keep this information?

We have a record retention schedule which details how long we keep different types of records and what we do with them when we no longer need them.

This is being reviewed and updated but can be sent to you if you request it. Please email

What are your rights?

You have the right to request CBMDC to stop processing your personal data in relation to any council service.  See our main Privacy Notice for details.

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