Make a Data Protection request

Under the Data Protection Act and the UK GDPR you have the right to ask for a copy of the information we hold about you. You are only entitled to make a request for personal information on behalf of another living adult if you have authorisation to do this. Parents or guardians are allowed to make a request for personal information on behalf of their children, although if the children are aged 13 or over then they must give their permission for this.

We need some details from you to help us to find the information that you are interested in and to deal with your request as efficiently as possible. We also need proof of identity, as we need to be satisfied that you are entitled to the information.

Your responsibilities are:

  • you should contact the Council asking to see your records. You do not have to complete our form, but it is helpful to us if you would use the form as it directs us to the location of your data easily. You can also download a Word version of the subject access form (93 Kb) from this page and complete and return it by post
  • you need to establish your identity by providing suitable ID
  • you should help us to find the information by specifying what data you would like to see

Our responsibilities are:

  • to acknowledge your request
  • to inform you if we have any personal data about you and if we have
  • to reply within one calendar month

Bradford Council does not currently charge any fee for Subject Access.

Contact details

The Corporate Information Governance Team
City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council
City Hall
Centenary Square

Phone : 01274 434506
Email :

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