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Making a Council Tax appeal

All appeals regarding Council Tax made to the Council, Valuation Office Agency and Valuation Tribunal Service are free.

Appeals about Council Tax banding

Properties are allocated a Council Tax band by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA).

The Council has no powers to change the band a property is allocated.

If you do not agree with the valuation you need to contact the Valuation Office Agency.

Appeals about Council decisions

You can use the Council Tax appeal form if you disagree:

  • that you should be the person who is being charged Council Tax,
  • with the period for which you are being charged Council Tax,
  • with decisions about discounts, exemptions or premiums,
  • with a decision about how a Council Tax Reduction has been calculated.

Note - even if you are making an appeal, you must still carry on making your full Council Tax payments on time each month whilst the appeal is being considered.

Appeals about Completion Notices

Completion Notices apply to both Council Tax and Business Rates. They are served by the Council on owners (or persons entitled to possession) of newly constructed buildings or new buildings created by the alteration of existing buildings (eg barn conversions) in order to determine a completion day:

  • where a building is considered to have been completed or 
  • where the work remaining to be done on a building is such that it can reasonably be expected to be completed within three months.

The significance of the date determined to be the completion day is that liability for Council Tax or Business Rates will start from this date.

If the property remains empty after this date then Council Tax will be charged at 100% of the property Band, increasing to 150% after two years. For Business Rates an empty industrial property will attract a further six month exemption and a retail property a further three month exemption before empty rates at 100% are charged. The empty charges will end when the property becomes occupied or one of the other exemptions applies.

How do I appeal a completion notice?

If you are sent a completion notice and disagree with the completion day stated, you can appeal direct to the Valuation Tribunal within four weeks of the notice being served on you.

We will explain what you need to do to make an appeal when we send the completion notice.

Please note

Even if you disagree with how your bill has been calculated and have submitted an appeal you must pay your bill as it stands. If your bill is then changed at a later date you will be refunded any excess credit.

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