Food safety at home

Surely food safety at a business is more important than food safety in the home?

It is believed that most food poisoning cases occur from food that has been produced in the home.

Food safety is often down to 'common sense' but you should always remember the four C’s to food hygiene when preparing food at home:

  • Cross contamination: avoid this by maintaining good standards of personal hygiene and maintaining good practices when storing, handling and preparing food
  • Cleaning: clean as you go. Use detergents and disinfectants appropriately
  • Cooking: cook food for long enough and to a high enough temperature
  • Chilling: ensure that food which requires chilling is stored correctly.

How can I find out more information about food hygiene and food safety in the home?

The Food Standards Agency website offers a lot of information about food safety.

For further information contact the Food Safety team.

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