Advice for new food businesses

How do I register my new food business?

You need to register your business 28 days prior to the business operating. If you are operating from a mobile food business you will need to register your business with the local authority where you keep the mobile van overnight.

Where can I find advice on what I need to do to comply with the food hygiene legislation?

We have leaflets which provide information on the legislation you need to comply with

These are:

All the Food Standards Agency leaflets are available in other languages on the Food Standards Agency website

General food safety advice can be found at:

When will I be inspected?

You will not receive an inspection immediately after registering with the Authority. Priority for inspections depends upon the risk associated with your business.

If you wish to receive a visit from Environmental Health prior to opening your business you need to contact the Food Safety section.

Who will inspect my business?

An officer from the Food Safety section of Environmental Health will inspect for food hygiene/food safety matters. When an officer visits, they should show you their identification.

I am thinking of running a food business from home. Where can I find advice?

A food business run from home must still comply with the requirements of the food hygiene legislation.

The link below provides further information:

I am interested in starting a mobile food business. What do I need to do?

The web page below provides information on running a mobile food business:

Do I need to contact other council services if I operate a food business?

Yes, you will. Who you will need to contact will depend upon what you are planning to do at your business. See the Food Standards Agency leaflet "Starting Up" (pdf), which provides information on this.

Where can I find other guidance on food hygiene and my business?

Further information can be obtained in the Established Business Section.

Are there any documents which I can download which would help me with my new business?

Further useful documents which you can download can be found in the Established Business Section


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