Food enquiries and complaints

Where can I find out more general information about food hygiene / food safety?

Please complete the food safety enquiry form.


I’ve bought some food that I am not happy with and I want to make a complaint about it. What do I do?

If your complaint is not of a serious nature (ie there is no risk of injury or illness), then we would encourage you to contact the shop or premises where you purchased the food and explain your concerns to them. See what they are prepared to do about it.

If you are not happy with their response or your complaint is more serious in nature then you can make a complaint to this department and we will investigate it. Please note that we cannot pursue any compensation claims on your behalf.

If you have a complaint about food, then contact the Food Safety team or use the food safety complaint online form.

I recently visited a food business and wish to complain about the hygiene standards I witnessed there. What do I do?

Contact the Food Safety team or complete the food business complaint online form.

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Contact details

Food Safety Section
Department of Public Health
Environmental Health
5th floor
Britannia House

Phone : 01274 437766

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