HECA Report

Bradford Council is required to produce an updated energy report return under the provisions of the Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA) 1995.

The Act recognises that ‘Local Authorities are uniquely placed to assess the needs of their areas and local residents and to act as catalysts for change’ and that they have the ‘ability to use their position to improve the energy efficiency of all residential accommodation (such as owner-occupied, privately rented and social housing) in their areas'.

Recently produced guidance requires Local Authorities to report on their efforts to improve the energy efficiency of housing stock (both public and private) within their (geographic) locality. Reports must be submitted to the Secretary of State by 31 March each year, and every two years subsequently

To view the most recent HECA reports see the documents section on this page. 

Statement Of Intent for ECO2t Flexible Eligibility

The new Energy Company Obligation Regulations 2017–2018 (ECO2t) allow local authorities to set their own criteria for eligibility for ECO2t funding for domestic energy efficiency measures. Energy companies can spend up to a maximum of 10% of their full obligation within this local authority defined criteria. It is intended that this funding will be targeted at supporting residents within a local authority area who are likely to be at risk of fuel poverty.

Bradford Council has developed a Statement Of Intent to outline its approach for the new initiative and the eligibility criteria for flexible eligibility that it will adopt for the district.

For full detail see the documents section on this page.

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