Bradford Council Corporate utilities

We are receiving a number of freedom of information requests about energy. This page is designed to answer the most frequently asked questions and is an introduction to some of the process around Bradford Council corporate buildings utility processes and statistics.

Bradford Council utilities currently consist of gas, electricity, water, woodchip, wood pellets and oil.

Current contract end dates

Electricity: 31 March 2027   

Gas supply: 31 March 2025       

Water: 30 September 2024   

Woodchip and Pellets: 30 September 2025 

Oil Supply for Heating: We currently only have one supply left on oil heating hence procure this as part of our transport agreement.

Interested companies to make contact at least one year in advance

More information is available on the Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO) energy frameworks webpage.

Email Bradford Council Utilities direct at:

Electricity and gas further statistical information