What to do if it floods

What should you do if your property is threatened with flooding?

  • Move people, pets and valuables to a safe place 
  • Attempt to move your personal property above ground flood level 
  • Alert your neighbours 
  • Help any neighbours who are elderly or infirm 
  • Keep up to date with Flood Warnings on local radio and the Environment Agency FLOODLINE 24 hour service 0345 9881188 
  • Sign up for flood warnings - https://www.gov.uk/sign-up-for-flood-warnings 
  • Set up an emergency pack: spare warm clothes, torches, spare batteries, battery powered radio, first aid kit, warm drink and food 
  • Block doorways and low-level airbricks with sandbags or plastic bags filled with sand/soil 
  • Switch off gas and electricity supplies if flooding is imminent 
  • Move your car to higher ground


Property owners should do everything they can to protect their homes and people should prepare for flooding if they are at risk, e.g. they live near a river or another area where flooding may occur. Sandbags can be purchased from builders’ merchants.

If there is an emergency the council may be able to supply sandbags on request, in the following situations:

  • The prevention of loss of life or serious injury 
  • To maintain access for the emergency services 
  • To protect vital facilities within the community 
  • To protect main transportation routes 
  • The protection of Council property, where appropriate 
  • The ability of the Council to resource continuing or deteriorating situations 
  • Priority is given to protecting areas vulnerable to Main River Flooding

If sandbags have been supplied to property owners, then it is their responsibility to dispose of them after the emergency, unless they are vulnerable.

Flooded or blocked drains gullies

If you have a problem with a flooded or blocked gully, please report it to the Council online or call 01274 431000.

Pumping equipment

Bradford Council is unable to supply pumping equipment. You should contact the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service in an emergency: 999

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