Frequently asked questions about flooding

What happens if I am evacuated from my home?

We will set up a rest centre as close to the flooded area as possible, but in a safe location. Transport can be arranged if you cannot make your way to them. A list of locations will be put onto this site, as they are required. Our contact centre (01274 431000) will also have the locations.

Who is responsible for flooding on the highways?

Our Highways department. You can report flooding now or call 01274 431000.

If my home is flooded, will Bradford Council help me pump it out?

We do not have any pumps for this. West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service may be able to assist, but it depends on if there is a risk to life and how busy they are. You may be charged and the charges can be found on the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service website.

Where can I find out information on what roads and bridges have been closed?

Road and bridge closures will be added to our roadwork and road closures map.

If you don't have access to the Internet, please listen to Radio Leeds for traffic updates.

You can also call 01274 431000.

I live in a flood risk area. Who can help me in my community?

We are currently working with local groups across the District to set up Flood and Emergency Plans. The information on groups will be updated as the plans are completed.

How often do Bradford Council clean the drains?

There is a program of work to do this, but when we are aware of a potential weather issue, we will check the drains in potential flood risk areas. You can report a blocked drain on our website. To help, if you notice leaves blocking a drain, please help by just clearing them off the drain.

If I am flooded can I use my own assessor to assess the damage to my property and goods.

Yes you can use your own assessor, but you should always check with your insurance company as to who pays for them.

Can I get house insurance if I live in a flood risk area?

Yes, the Government has introduced a system called FloodRe for house holders. As with any insurance please check with the insurance company that it covers your type of flooding. Either contact your insurance company or visit the FloodRe website.

How do I know if I am at risk from flooding?

The Environment Agency provides information on flood risk from rivers and sea, surface water and reservoirs. Please visit the Environment Agency website where you can search for your address.

Who is responsible for what type of flooding?

The Environment Agency are the operating authority with the strategic overview of all forms of flooding and risk-based management of flooding from the following rivers and watercourses in Bradford District.

In the River Aire Catchment:

  • River Aire
  • River Worth
  • North Beck
  • Silsden Beck
  • Bridgehouse Beck
  • Eastburn Beck
  • Providence Lane
  • Nab Wood Beck

In the River Wharfe and Lower Ouse Catchment:

  • River Wharfe
  • Town Beck
  • Backstone Beck

The Airedale Internal Drainage Board and Bradford Council are the operating authorities for ordinary watercourses from Steeton Ings to the Craven Boundary. All watercourses are the responsibility of the the land owner through which land they flow and those land owners have the riparian rights and responsibilities associated with them. For example, Bradford Council is responsible for stretches of any watercourses flowing through Council owned land. Yorkshire Water are responsible for maintaining the public sewerage and sewage treatment system throughout Bradford District. The Highway Authority Bradford Council is responsible for Highway drainage and assets such as bridges, culverts and retaining walls. Highways England are responsible for the motorway network. The Canal and River Trust is responsible for the Leeds and Liverpool Canal within Bradford District.

How do I make sure I'm as safe as possible when cleaning my house after a flood?

Public Health England have produced guidance which can be found on the GOV.UK website.

Will you take away items that have been damaged in the floods?

We will arrange collection of items that have been damaged in floods only. You must ensure that your insurance company has agreed for the items to be disposed of. Take photographs of all damaged items. We will not take other items that have not been affected by the floods.

What type of things would I need in a flood kit?

A simple flood kit can include such things as torch, warm and waterproof clothing, water, food, medication, toys for children and pets, rubber gloves and wellingtons. Don't forget any important documents.

You can download a personal flood plan from the GOV.UK website

Why should I have my own personal flood plan?

If you can complete a plan before it foods, it will ensure that you have covered everything that will assist you if you receive a flood alert or warning. An example of a plan can be found on the GOV.UK website

When can I remove sandbags?

Sandbags should only be removed once the flood warning has been cancelled and it is safe to do so.

Should I sign up to weather warnings?

Yes, for you to be better prepared you should sign up to both weather alerts and warnings

Is my drinking water safe?

Yorkshire Water is required to supply wholesome water, meeting strict standards regulated by the Drinking Water Inspectorate, into the public distribution system. As part of normal operating procedures water supply companies are required to test the water quality as it comes out of the ground. This water is then put through an appropriate treatment system and then tested again prior to leaving the works to enter the public distribution system. During this flooding incident the local water supply company has increased the frequency of testing to ensure that their water quality treatment process remains effective. At present no issues have been raised and we understand that water treatment remains effective at the site. Therefore any water placed into public distribution system remains at a quality fit for consumption.

Contact: 0345 1 24 24 24 (24 hour line) or X: @YWHelp

Where can I dispose of my used sandbags?

Once it is safe to remove take them to the nearest household waste site for tipping.

Where do I pump the water from my house to?

Each situation can be different, you may by pumping out your house, cause a flood somewhere else. For assistance contact us and seek advice from a member of the drainage team

Where can I get sandbags from in the Bradford District?

We are aware of alternatives to sandbags, products which increase in volume and weight as they absorb water to form a flood barrier . These can be purchased at various DIY outlets, builders merchants and online.

Who is responsible for cleaning up the river banks after flooding?

The responsibility for clearing the river bank lies with the riparian owner, they are those that own land or property next to a river, stream or ditch.

For information read the guide 'Living on the edge' on the GOV.UK website