Are you an employer who is interested in apprenticeships?

What is an Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship is a work based training programme designed around the needs of employers that lead to national recognised qualifications for apprentices. It gives Apprentices new to the workplace a great start to their career as they gain that valuable experience and knowledge that shapes them for the future and for your business. Existing staff can also take advantage of Apprenticeships to develop their own skills within the workplace as well as gaining a qualification.

Who are they for?

Apprenticeships can be for people aged 16 and above, there is no upper age limit. They can be for your existing employees or you can recruit an Apprentice for a specific role within your business.

What are the benefits to your business?

Apprenticeships bring many benefits, below are just a few:

  • Return on investment
    Taking on an Apprentice boosts business profitability and is cost effective alternative to other recruitment methods, in effect, growing your own staff with the skills and knowledge you require to improve and grow your business.
  • Motivates workforce
    Apprentices who are recruited want to work for your business and can stimulate a more positive attitude by other members of the team. Promoting staff loyalty, flexibility and commitment to your business and to other partners / stakeholders.
  • Bridges skills gaps
    Apprentices develop their skills and knowledge around your specific business needs, vocationally relevant to your sector, keeping staff up to date with the latest technology and work practices to ensure your business is prepared for future advancements in your sector.


What can Skills for Work do to help?

Skills for Work currently have a pool of talented potential Apprentices ready to start work within various sectors. We can also recruit certain applicants to meet your needs using a range of marketing tools. We have staff who can assist you on this journey to employing the right candidate.

If your are interested in developing your existing staff, we can work with you to identify suitable training for your business needs.

To find out more, please either read our frequently asked questions about Apprenticeships or contact our Employment Advisors direct on:

Telephone: 01274 432170

Or alternatively you can contact us online by completing our Skills for Work contact form

Frequently asked questions about apprenticeships

How much does it cost me?

You will be required to pay the national minimum wage for an apprentice which is £3.50 per hour (16-18) although higher wages attract more applicants and have higher success rates.

What funding is available?

Currently you will receive 100% funding towards the cost of the Apprenticeship for 16-18 year olds. Funding is available for learners aged 19+.

You may also be entitled to an Apprenticeship Grant. This is an initiative for employers who recruit new staff as an apprentice. We will help you access this if appropriate.

How long is the Apprenticeship for?

The length of an Apprenticeship can vary depending on the apprentice and the skills they already have obtained; It also depends on the level of the Apprenticeship and vocational sector. Generally, Apprenticeships that Skills for Work deliver are between 12 to 18 months.

What Apprenticeships are available?

We currently offer the following Apprenticeships:  

  • Business Admin Level 2 and 3
  • Customer Service Level 2 and 3
  • Health & Social Care Level 2 and 3
  • Cleaning Level 2 and 3
  • Team Leading Level 2
  • Management Level 3 and 5

We provide training and assessment for the current Apprenticeship Frameworks which consist of a Diploma (NVQ - knowledge and performance) and Functional Skills in Maths, English and ICT as required.  Delivery of the new Apprenticeship Standards will be phased in with new standards being published on an ongoing basis.  Skills for Work will provide the training element or the end point assessment depending on employer requirements.  Training requirements vary from sector to sector.  These can include industry specific qualifications and Maths and English along with knowledge, skills and behaviours/attitude associated with the vocational area to be covered.  The end point assessment process can include a variety of methods including a showcase portfolio, practical observation, professional discussion, situational judgement tests, knowledge tests, structured competency based interviews and witness testimonies.  All Apprentices are be required to attend support sessions at our training centre to sit exams or participate in workshops. The dates of these sessions will be agreed with you prior to sessions taking place.

Will I be supported?

Yes, you will be supported throughout the duration of the Apprenticeship. Skills for Work are a dedicated team and we offer full guidance and support for all our employers.

​If you feel you can offer an Apprenticeship job opportunity for a young person we will assist you with the recruitment of your apprentice(s). Our free service includes the apprenticeship vacancy advertised on a national database, pre-screening telephone interview and a face to face interview to ascertain commitment and current skills.

We will allocate an assessor to support the learner and training/assessment will be undertaken approximately once every 4 weeks. Through your participation in regular progress reviews, you will be able to measure the impact of the Apprenticeship.

What about holidays?

All Apprentices must receive 20 days annual leave plus Bank Holidays.

How soon can they start?

Apprentices can start at any time.

Can I train my existing staff?

Yes, depending on what kind of training you identify depends on what Skills for Work can offer. We can offer them an Apprenticeship or bespoke training sessions.

Do you offer other bespoke training?

Yes, Skills for Work can offer bespoke training packages that suit your business needs. Skills for Work are flexible when delivering these training packages and can tailor a package to fit within your budget.

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