Occupational Therapy

Technology Enabled Care (TEC) in Bradford District

We have an online guide for residents, families and professionals that explains how TEC and Sensory Needs devices can be used at home. It has a number of short films about the devices. You can undertake a self-assessment to help decide what products might be suitable for you, and book a home assessment with a member of the Safe and Sound Team. You can access the guide on our Technology Enabled Care website.

What is the Occupational Therapy service?

The Occupational Therapy service can help you if you are having difficulties in the home. The service will work with you by looking at problem solving solutions, exploring equipment or adaptations to your home.

The service is aimed at people who have trouble in everyday activities like getting in and out of the bath, or going up and down stairs. This service is provided by Bradford Council.

Who is the service for?

The service is for any adult who struggles with daily activities due to a long term disability. We aim to assist you to maintain independence and promote wellbeing by offering advice, exploring equipment and/or adaptations options.  We can also review making it easier for your family or carer to support you in managing daily activities.

How can we help?

We will discuss your difficulties and offer advice on how you can manage them.

You may be offered

  • a referral for an assessment,
  • signposting to health care provider services for rehabilitation,
  • signposting to community services which can support you in resolving your difficulties.

The service may recommend alternative ways of doing things, for example, equipment or alterations to your home.

Is there a charge?

Assessments undertaken by the service are free of charge. As a result of your assessment you may require some equipment which is usually loaned from our equipment store and is free of charge.

However, major adaptations to your home are undertaken by a Disabled Facility Grant which is means tested so you may have a contribution to pay.

I’d like to find out more, who can I talk to?

Contact the Independence Advice Hub by telephone on 01274 435400 or on the Independence Advice Hub online form.

Other information

The Connect to Support service allows the purchase of any equipment to be made that will support you.

Equality Together can give you user-led advice on equipment solutions.  

The Housing Department at Bradford Council can support you with information on Disabled Facilities Grants.

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