Services for people who have a visual impairment

Technology Enabled Care (TEC) in Bradford District

We have an online guide for residents, families and professionals that explains how TEC and Sensory Needs devices can be used at home. It has a number of short films about the devices. You can undertake a self-assessment to help decide what products might be suitable for you, and book a home assessment with a member of the Safe and Sound Team. You can access the guide on our Technology Enabled Care website.

Who are these services for?

Our services are available for anyone living in the Bradford Metropolitan District who is experiencing difficulties due to a visual impairment or blindness.

What is available?

General advice and information about living with sight loss

The Sensory Needs Service operates a duty service to respond to requests for information and advice or any urgent concerns. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 4.30pm. You can call on 01274 435001 or email

Registration of your Visual Impairment

  1. If your specialist at the hospital issues you a Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI), a copy is sent to the Sensory Needs Service
  2. We receive your CVI, we enter your details on our system and send you a pack of useful information and an invitation to register your sight loss
  3. It is then up to you if you wish to register or not – you do not need to be registered to access support from the Sensory Needs Service
  4. To register you will need to send us a head and shoulder passport type photo to go on your registration card – this will then be posted out to you

Metro bus pass applications for people who are visually impaired

  1. Go to the Metro website and register for a bus pass. You will need a head and shoulders passport type photograph. Metro will contact us to verify your status of visual loss – either ‘blind’ or ‘partially sighted’ and we will approve the application if we have your details on file.
  2. Once approved Metro will send you a pass
  3. If you cannot access the website for any reason, don’t worry, just let us know and we can help with the process. Just call us on 01274 435001.

Demonstration of specialist equipment for people who are visually impaired

We have specialist equipment we can show you that can make living with sight loss easier. Please contact us and make an appointment for demonstration by calling us on 01274 435001 or emailing

Sensory needs assessment

The outcome of assessment may include the following:

  • provide information
  • offer advice
  • support such as mobility or daily living skills training to enable you to stay as independent as possible.
  • explore other services that may be of interest or support
  • a more in-depth assessment

Will any of these services cost me anything?

There is no charge for advice, information, assessments or short-term rehabilitation services.  However, there might be a charge for any Adult Social Care services you receive. The amount you pay will depend on the services you receive and your financial situation, the amount you have in savings and your income. If adult social care is the right option for you, a financial assessment will be undertaken to determine the amount you should pay

Dual Sensory Loss Service

We can offer advice and support if someone is visually impaired and is losing their hearing.

Please call 01274 435001 or email  for more information.

How do I contact the Sensory Needs Service?

Morley Street Resource Centre
124 Morley Street

Telephone: 01274 435001


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Contact details

Morley Street Resource Centre
124 Morley Street

General enquiries : 01274 435001
Fax : 01274 435482
Email :

Interpreting Service:
Telephone: 01274 435019
Text only: 07800 002274
Fax: 01274 435482