Bradford Council’s Equality Objectives

We are committed to ensuring that every part of the district and everyone who lives in it is equitably served, and no one feels excluded or is unfairly favoured or disadvantaged. Promoting equality is one of our core principles and is central to all we do

In 2016 Bradford Council committed to new equality objectives to enhance its work and celebrate the diversity of the district. These objectives do not cover everything the Council does in relation to equalities, but identifies a few areas which the Council feels are most important to progressing our equalities approach. These are also directly embedded into the Council’s overarching priorities, which are outlined in its Council Plan (2016-2020).

The objectives are summarised below, with more detail available in the attached document.

  • Community relations – ensure that the people of the district get on well together.
    • Encouraging and celebrating good community relations and active citizenship
    • Hate and street crime
  • Employment and skills – promote inclusive growth through ensuring those most disadvantaged in the labour market are able to get the skills they need and access good jobs.
    • Poverty and ethnicity employment and skills programme
    • Apprenticeship programme
  • Organisational equalities culture – the Council is well run, fit for business and is fair and inclusive in its approach.
    • Equalities competency and corporate approach
    • Workforce diversity
    • Accessible information
  • Equality data – our data better provides us with the right insight, evidence and intelligence to make well informed decisions that impact on our communities.
    • Equality monitoring
    • Use of the equality data and information

The Council will publish progress on these objectives on an annual basis through Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee reports. Progress against objectives up until 2016 can be found on this page.

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