Hard Ings Road improvement scheme

1 Scheme details

The A650 is a key route between Bradford and Keighley, as well as linking Skipton to the Pendle area of Lancashire. The route is predominantly a dual carriageway, except for a short section, known as Hard Ings Road. Consequently, this part of the route is a pinch point for traffic. The resultant congestion impacts upon drivers using the A650.

The improvement works for Hard Ings Road will reduce congestion and improve road safety for pedestrians and cyclists. Improving pedestrian safety is a key priority for the scheme. With a growing residential population in the vicinity, an increase in traffic will have an effect on congestion in Keighley town centre. Keighley is the principal town of Airedale and an important industrial economic base. Reducing congestion along Hard Ings Road will increase investment opportunities in the area and increase economic growth.

The scheme for the Hard Ings Road is being implemented by the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council (CBMDC). The scheme has received investment through the West Yorkshire Plus Transport Fund as part of the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Growth Deal - a £1 billion package of government investment to accelerate growth and create jobs across Leeds City Region.

An indicative plan showing the proposals for Hard Ings Road

Reducing congestion

  • Hard Ings Road will be widened along its full length to provide two lanes in both directions between Beechcliffe and Bradford Road roundabouts
  • The existing junction of Hard Ings Road with Lawkholme Lane will be signalised, with existing turning movements retained. This will incorporate a 'toucan' crossing for use by pedestrians and cyclists.
  • The central reservation will be extended at Hard Ings Road between Beechcliffe Roundabout and Caledonia Road.
  • On the approach to Beechcliffe Roundabout from the A629, an additional lane will be provided.
  • Traffic signals will be installed at the Beechcliffe Roundabout to improve operation of the junction and reduce journey times for road users.

Improving the pedestrian and cyclist experience

  • A shared, two-way cycle and pedestrian footway will be implemented, running along the southern side of Hard Ings Road between Bradford Road Roundabout and Keighley Retail Park.
  • A shared, two-way cycle and pedestrian footway will also be implemented, running from the proposed toucan crossing at Lawkholme Lane to Royd Way to tie into the existing cycle route on Royd Ings Avenue.


  • Where possible, new native trees will be planted along the roadside and verge areas. As this vital highway scheme involves the widening of the road, some trees will have to be removed in order to implement the scheme. Bradford Council have worked hard to ensure that each of the trees that need to be removed will be replaced with trees either within the scheme or nearby and more appropriate to the surroundings. We will be replacing more trees than are being removed.
  • Landscaped areas affected by the construction works will be replanted. The existing embankment at the cricket ground will be cleared and replaced with shrubs and trees.