Inclusive Fitness Initiative

Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) is a programme supporting the fitness industry to become more inclusive, catering for the needs of disabled and non-disabled people, raising physical activity participation levels. 

Everyone, whatever their age, gender or activity levels, can enjoy physical activity. Sometimes starting the process is difficult and many people put up barriers or make excuses. Below is information that may help you take up some sort of activity with us.

Many of our sports centres run specific activities and sessions for people with all fitness levels and with different personal needs. Contact your local centre to find out that what they have on offer.

The ClubActive gyms at The Leisure Centre, Keighley and Thornton Recreation Centre all have a wide array of IFI accredited equipment.

Your first steps

Going to the facility for the first time can be daunting. The experience can be confusing so we have put together a few helpful bits of information that we hope will encourage you to join us at one of our facilities. It is time to be active, get healthy and have fun.

What should I expect?

Don’t feel intimidated or worried that everyone else will know what they are doing. Your gym instructor at your induction will help you with the equipment and explain what you will be doing. Don’t worry about remembering everything you have been told at your first visit, instructors will always be on hand to help and advise you.

What should I wear?

Something sensible that you feel comfortable in. Designer outfits are not required!

What do I need to take when I go?

  • Something to drink from whilst you exercise 
  • A small towel to wipe yourself and the gym machines down 
  • Change for the lockers

Is going to the gym enough?

Not if you sit in the sauna or café area all the time! Take advice from the instructors and try and make your sessions as productive as possible.

Setting goals

Only set yourself SMART objectives/goals

  • Specific - Objectives should specify what you want to achieve 
  • Measurable - You should be able to measure whether you are meeting your objectives 
  • Achievable - Are the objectives you set achievable? 
  • Realistic - Can you realistically achieve your objectives? 
  • Timed - When do you want to achieve by?

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