Get new bins or recycling containers

Recycling waste (grey) bins

You can order free new recycling containers for paper, glass, cans and plastic bottles. There is no charge for these containers.

Garden waste (brown) bins

Find out more about garden waste collections and how to order a bin.

General waste (green) bins

Please contact us on 01274 431000  if you need a new bin or if your bin has been stolen.

How much is it for a new general waste bin?

The charge for a new bin is £33.60 (£28 + £5.60 VAT).

This charge is for administration and delivery. The bin will remain the property of Bradford Council.

We will only empty one general waste bin from each household, unless otherwise agreed.

What if I can’t manage a standard sized bin?

If you can't move your current standard 240 litre wheeled bin we can exchange it for a smaller 140 litre bin. Please contact us on 01274 431000 to discuss this further.

If you have no bin and require a 140 litre bin, the charge is the same as the 240 litre bin.

If you can’t move your bin and you have no one who can help you, please contact us.

Repairs of bins

We carry a stock of lids and wheels and we try to repair bins where possible. This service is free. Please contact us to arrange for this to be carried out.

If we can’t repair the damage you will have to request a new bin. The charge for a new bin is £33.60 (£28 + £5.60 VAT).

 Request bin repairs now


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Phone : 01274 431000

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