Register of HMO Licences

Bradford Council keeps a register of all licenses that have been issued to operate Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs). The full register includes the property address, details of the licence holder, maximum number of people allowed to live in the property, date of issue and duration of the licence.  You can see a limited register of the HMOs that are currently licensed.

There are general conditions which apply to all HMOs and there are then more specific conditions which may apply to the property for example:

  • To provide additional bathrooms or personal washing facilities 
  • To provide kitchen facilities for the exclusive use of the occupant(s) of designated rooms 
  • To ensure that the HMO has adequate means of escape in case of fire 
  • To supply evidence of planning consent for use of the property as a HMO within a stated period of time.

Changes in the law from October 2018

From 1st October 2018, more HMOs will need to be licensed. 

Since 2006, any HMO which is 3 or more floors (including occupied basements and attics) and let to 5 or more separate tenants who are not in the same family group, must be licensed by the Council. From October, the condition about the number of floors will not apply which means that generally any accommodation which is let to 5 or more people in two or more households, will need a licence even if it is only on one or two floors.


If you currently live in a house let out to 5 or more people who are not in the same family group, it must be licensed by the Council from October 2018.

If you want to make sure that your home has been licensed you should ask your landlord to show you a copy of the licence or you can check whether your address is on the list of licensed HMOs.  


If you currently own a house which is let to 5 or more separate tenants not in the same family group, it must be licensed by the Council from October 2018. You should show your tenants a copy of the licence and/or display a copy in a communal area. If you haven't applied for a licence yet and need one, application forms and details of the standards can be downloaded from our website

If you suspect that there are other similar properties operating without a licence please let us know about this by getting in touch

Viewing the register

To access the information in the register for an individual property you can contact us by phone or by visiting by appointment during normal office opening hours. A charge may be made for a printed copy of the full register.

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