HMO licence fees 2024-2025

Proposed number of occupants on licence Full cost Initial fee to be submitted with application
Licence application for 5 to 7 occupiers £1,446.29 £520.66
Licence application for 8 to 14 occupiers £1,518.62 £546.70
Licence application for 15+ occupiers £1,590.92 £572.73


The HMO licence fee is split into two parts. There is an initial licence fee to cover processing the application and a final fee which covers the total cost of the licence

Please note: an application cannot be accepted and processed further without receiving the full and correct payment of the initial fee.

The initial fee paid is non-refundable.

The initial fee will be deducted from the full cost of the licence. An invoice for the balance, will then be sent to you in order to issue the full licence. This will take into account any discounts that may apply to you.

The discounts that may apply to a licence application are:

  • 5% Submission of a full and complete application
  • 5% Property owned or managed by a registered charity
  • 5% Membership of the Unipol Code of Standards (Bradford) Accreditation Scheme
  • 15% Property assessed as being up to standard

The above fees are set for the current financial period and will be subject to increase in line with inflation on a yearly basis.

The initial licence fee should be paid using the Council’s online payment facility.