Digital Plan to support City of Culture 2025

Why is this important?

Bradford have secured City of Culture status for 2025, triggering a celebration of its people, its heritage and the district as a whole. It is expected to attract many visitors to the local economy to enjoy a whole range of events. The significant increase in visitors will require us to improve levels of connectivity, particularly in event spaces.

Where are we now?

The actions outlined above and further engagement with the market, working with the City of Culture team will ensure the district has adequate connectivity to support the festival of activity across the district in all event spaces.

What is our ambition?

To ensure that connectivity supports the City of Culture as a successful celebration of Bradford, and residents and visitors are able to fully engage with events.

What are we going to do?

  1. Produce a Digital Work Plan for supporting City of Culture 2025 to ensure adequate connectivity and mobile coverage across venues, pop-up spaces, key buildings etc
  2. Ensure connectivity is of sufficient bandwidth and speed to support mass participation events and immersive technology installations where required
  3. Based on strategic mapping, intelligence of expected venues and performance sites, temporarily / permanently increase broadband and mobile coverage.
  4. Procure a managed service or temporary broadband and / or mobile boosting infrastructure for city centre and other key performance
  5. Consider the potential for attracting sponsorship opportunities from procurements

5 years on

What does ‘good’ look like?

A lasting legacy will be enhanced connectivity beyond the City of Culture to support large cultural and sporting events.