Webcasting at Bradford Council crematoria

You can now have a funeral service broadcast privately and securely over the internet using Obitus. This will enable family members and friends to view a funeral service from anywhere in the world.

If you choose webcasting, to use the service your Funeral Director will give you a unique username and password that you can pass on to anyone you choose. They can watch the service live by logging in at the correct time or if requested, the service can be viewed at a convenient time for 28 days following the service.

Please note:

Due to the nature of the internet no guarantee is given that the link, or data, will be uninterrupted or error free.

Obitus and Bradford Council are not liable for any corruption to, delay in receiving or other defect relating to data dispatched over the internet.

Ordering a webcast

It is the responsibility of the funeral director to arrange a webcast.

To arrange a webcast you will need to visit www.obitus.com or call them on 03333 447 440.

Viewing a webcast

A live webcast of the funeral service can be broadcast over the internet via a secure link at the time of the service. This link will be provided directly by Obitus.
The webcast will remain live for 28 days after the service for family members to view.

A recording can be made of the webcast - see the section below on service recording.

Image consent

There will be a fixed camera situated at the rear of the service hall or chapel which will record the funeral service and be focussed on the catafalque, lectern and the front few rows of the congregation.

Individual identification will generally be limited to those leading or taking part in the service, however all those present within the service hall/chapel will be deemed to have consented to partial or full images being broadcast and recorded.

Funeral Directors, having arranged webcasts, will be expected to notify those attending, including their own staff and any Funeral Celebrant, of the broadcasting and recording of the service and the deemed individual consent. Notices will be in place at crematoria to assist with ensuring all attendees are aware of the potential broadcast and recording of the service.

Notice period for arranging a webcast

Please be aware that it is the responsibility of the funeral director to ensure a webcast has been ordered to the Obitus schedule at least two working days (working days are Monday to Friday) prior to the service.

Service recording

Ordering a recording

A recording of the service can be ordered from Obitus. This will be delivered to the crematorium for collection by your chosen funeral director.

Type of recordings

A recording of the service can be purchased on a DVD, Blu-ray or USB memory stick.