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If you apply to the Bradford and Keighley Register Office for a family history certificate it is most important that you are as accurate as you can be. We are only able to carry out one five year search per registration event. The cost of this search is included in the fee and the fee is returned if the correct entry is not located. If you suggest a date to us we will do two years before that date and two years afterwards or alternatively you can state which five years you would like us to search. All records are kept by date which is why accuracy is so important.

If you are fairly sure that an event occurred in the Bradford and Keighley Registration District you can make a general search of our indices only. The cost for this is £18 for six hours consecutive searching. If you find an entry in which you think you may be interested a member of staff will look at the register and attempt to determine from the information you give if this is the correct entry. If it is decided that it is the correct entry you can then purchase the certificate. You are not able to look at any entries in our registers or take information from them, other than by purchasing a certificate. You can search the indices for as many years as you wish within the time available. If you wish to do a general search you will need to make an appointment, therefore please contact the office in advance on 01274 432151.

Many libraries hold the indices for births deaths and marriages for the whole of England and Wales (GRO indices) and these indicate the district year and quarter in which the event occurred. Using this information you can then apply to the local office for a certificate, please have in mind that the references on these indices do not relate to locally held records and you therefore need to supply the name year and quarter and any other information you may have about the event so that we can check that it is the entry in which you are interested before issuing a certificate to you.

The fee for family history certificates is the same as other standard certificates and this can be found in certificate and ceremony fees.

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