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Scrutiny at Bradford Council

Scrutiny Committees are the Council’s 'watchdogs', examining its decisions and recommendations, as well as monitoring the performance of local services.

Scrutiny Committees act as a 'critical friend' to the Council as a whole, taking a close look at how other organisations in the district are providing important services to the people of the district. This can include other public organisations, such as the health service, private or voluntary organisations. In this way, they help the council fulfil its community leadership role.

Scrutiny Committees

We have four Scrutiny Committees made up of councillors from all political parties. Some Committees have members from outside the council, for example, school governors and health representatives.

Each committee has a specific area they have responsibility for scrutinising.

How you can become involved

Scrutiny committees meet regularly (roughly once a month) to discuss important issues, and members of the public can attend by just turning up. It provides an opportunity for your views and opinions to be considered.

All the Scrutiny Committee meetings are open to the public to attend.

If you have a suggestion for a piece of work for the Scrutiny Committees, fill in the online scrutiny request form on this site. Your suggestion should be an issue which:

  • affects a group of people living in the Bradford district 
  • is not an individual complaint about a service (the council has a complaints process if you are dissatisfied with a service as an individual) 
  • is not a specific planning or licensing issue.

To keep you informed:

Agenda, Minutes and Reports

The papers for all Overview and Scrutiny meetings can be found on the Council’s Minutes website 5 working days before the date of the meeting.