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Local Government Boundary Commission for England

Have your say on ward boundaries in Bradford

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England is asking for your views on the electoral review of Bradford.

The review will agree new ward boundaries within Bradford district, which has grown since this was last done in 2004.

We are one of a number of areas in the country going through the same process.

The boundaries of Bradford district itself will not change. This consultation is only concerned with reviewing the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council internal council ward boundaries.

The Local Government Boundary Commission is not looking at the external boundaries of Bradford. They are specifically seeking views on current and proposed internal ward boundaries. A map is available on their website.

  • Do you have suggestions about where your ward boundaries should be?
  • Where do people in your area go to access local facilities, such as shops and leisure activities?
  • Which areas do you identify as your local community?

Have your say here

Consultation ends on Monday, 4 September.