Bradford South – Youth and Community Chest Area Committee Funding

Criteria for applications

  1. Applications will only be considered from groups and organisations that either operate in, or benefit people who live in, the Bradford South Constituency area.
  2. Applications will be considered to assist community-based activities that will be of benefit to the community, and where the activity could not go ahead without financial assistance.
  3. Special consideration will be given to particular target groups including the elderly, disabled, youth, ethnic minorities, unemployed and to particular communities (for example, inner city areas or estates) and to new starts and innovatory schemes.
  4. Bids from new groups or previously unfunded groups will be positively encouraged.
  5. Grants may be used to complement other sources of funding. Bradford South Area Co-ordinator’s Office expects organisations to make every effort to be self-supporting and will favour grants where other money has been secured.
  6. The maximum allocation from the Youth and Community Chest would not exceed £350 for any individual project. Projects that cross boundaries can be considered by a number of Area Co-ordinator’s Offices, but the total grant will not exceed £500.
  7. Projects should not contravene Equality Legislation (no discrimination of membership on grounds of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, pregnancy, disability, age or gender reassignment).
  8. The organisation should be a non-profit making voluntary organisation where membership is open.
  9. Grant funding cannot be applied retrospectively. This means grant awards cannot be made for any spending, event or service which have taken place before you have received confirmation that your application has been considered and approved.
  10. No group that has applied for and received funding in consecutive years should automatically assume that funding will continue. Each application will be treated on its merits.
  11. Groups and organisations should normally expect only one grant per financial year.
  12. Youth and Community Chest cannot be used in support of religious or political activities, or capital expenditure exclusively connected with such activities.
  13. Youth and Community Chest is not normally used to enable fundraising for a secondary body, unless within the terms of a loss guarantee.
  14. Groups and organisations must ensure that all statutory (and/or legal) Health and Safety requirements are complied with and, where appropriate, advice must be obtained and followed.

Would you like to know more?

Bradford South Area Co-ordinator’s Office has a pot of money called Youth and Community Chest. You could apply for a grant of up to £500. This is available for groups within Bradford South to allow them to run events, purchase equipment, provide transport, and take part in sports activities etc.

If you would like more information, please contact us.

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