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How to apply

Applications should only be made on the form which you can download from this page. The form should be returned to Keighley Area Co-ordinator’s Office.

Applicants should use the spaces on the form as provided. Additional information in support of the application can be added on separate sheets if needed.

Applications must be typed or clearly written (preferably in BLOCK CAPITALS). Illegibility may result in applications being returned.

Applicants must provide the organisations constitution (unless received with a previous application), latest audited accounts or bank statements, full details of the project to be funded including a detailed expenditure list, and at least two quotations (where possible) from suppliers for all costs that need to be met.

Incomplete application forms and those that do not have the above documentation enclosed will be returned to you.  Only fully completed application forms will be presented to the Grants Advisory Group.

Applicants are encouraged to discuss their ideas with a member of staff in the Area Co-ordinators Office.

All monies given to a project/organisation/individual must be accounted for in full (eg copies of accounts and/or receipts detailing how the money was spent).

It is a condition of the grant that all relevant documentation (a Memorandum of Agreement and cheque receipt) be completed and returned to the Area Co-ordinator’s Office, and a short report on the project be submitted within 6 months of the grant being awarded.

Any subsequent applications from a project/organisation/individual will not be considered if these conditions are not complied with.


There are two deadlines throughout the year by which applications should be received.

Deadlines for 2018-2019 are 28 April 2018 and 12 October 2018.

Applications received after the closing date will be considered at a later meeting of the Grants Advisory Group.

You should normally expect to hear whether your application has been successful or not within one month of the closing date.

The Grants Advisory Groups decision is final. We do not enter into correspondence in regard to the decisions made.

Criteria for applications

Applications will only be considered from groups/organisations that either operate in, or benefit people who live in the Keighley Constituency area.

Applications will be considered to assist community based activities which will be of benefit to the community, and where the activity could not go ahead without financial assistance. Special consideration will be given to projects that target issues of deprivation and disadvantage.

The organisation should be a non-profit making voluntary organisation where membership is open (ie no discrimination of membership on grounds of sex, race religion, occupation or opinion).

The maximum allocation from the Community Chest will not exceed £500 for any individual project. Projects which cross boundaries can be considered by a number of Area Committees, but the total grant will not exceed £500.

Groups which have applied for and received funding in previous years will not be funded for the same or repeated project.

Groups/organisations should normally expect only one grant per financial year.

Keighley Area Committee expects organisations to make every effort to be self-supporting, and will favour grants where other funding/fundraising has been secured.

Projects should demonstrate that appropriate child and adult protection policies are in place together with any necessary Health and Safety arrangements. Projects should not contravene Council Policy Guidelines in areas of equality of opportunity (ie no discrimination of membership on grounds of sex, race, religion, occupation or opinion).

Examples of what will be funded

  • Equipment (from pots and pans, to plants and publicity)
  • One off events
  • Building improvements
  • Start up costs for new groups

Examples of what won’t be funded

  • Ongoing revenue costs (room hire, insurance, salaries, staffing costs eg speakers/tutors fees, rent etc)
  • Activities of a religious/political nature
  • Activities funded retrospectively
  • Secondary fundraising

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Contact details

Keighley Area Co-ordinator’s Office
c/o Keighley Town Hall
Bow Street
BD21 3PA

Phone : 01535 618008
Email :

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