Community Assets

Land and buildings can be of interest to the local community for many different reasons. Set out below are explanations of some of the legislation that affects some of these assets and other helpful information.


Allotments are areas identified for growing fruit and vegetables for personal use. They have a long history and are protected by statute.

Assets of Community Value

Also known as a community right to bid or asset of community interest. Registration of a building or site provides interested parties with time to prepare a bid or raise funds to attempt to acquire an asset if the owner decides to dispose of it. Nomination confers a six month moratorium on any potential sale.

Community Asset Transfer

A Council can transfer ownership or management of an asset that is no longer required to an appropriate community organisation if they meet qualifying criteria. The Council will action this by way of a long lease. The community group may also qualify for a rent concession ie a subsidised rent.

Common Land

Common Land is land over which people have certain traditional rights, such as to allow their livestock to graze, to collect firewood, or to cut turf for fuel.

Information for Landowners

Information for landowners about Rights of Way, Landowner Statements and applications to correct the common land register.

Subsidised Rents

If you are renting a Council asset and using it for community purposes you may be able to apply for a rental subsidy. If your usage of the asset fulfils the set criteria and your accounts indicate that you are unable to pay the full market rent it could be agreed that you can pay a lower rent for a set period.

Village Greens

Village or Town Greens share a similar history to common land. However, they are defined separately for the purposes of the Commons Registration Act 1965. Village Greens are usually areas of land within defined settlements or geographical areas which local inhabitants can go onto for the exercise of lawful sports and pastimes.

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