Allotments forms and Allotments Policy

Claiming reduced rent

If you claim a reduced rent concession for your allotment, please read this carefully.

If you claim a reduced rent because of a temporary situation, for example if you are a student or you are receiving a sickness/unemployment benefit, you must re-apply for the reduced rent if you want to claim it again for the next financial year.

Please complete the claim form and return this with proof of your claim to the Allotments Office before 1 March for the year you want to claim the reduction. This will ensure the claim can be processed before the invoices are sent out.

You must provide proof of your benefit entitlement from the DWP. This can be in letter format or a screenshot from your online account journal via the website. Any evidence provided must include your personal details, details of your benefit entitlement and date of claim.  

The concession claim form and evidence can be emailed to or a posted with your completed claim form.

Your claim form will not be accepted if it is returned without proof of your benefit entitlement.

Concession claims for a reduced rent cannot be backdated.

Change of contact information

Please use our change of contact information form to notify the Allotment Team of a change of address or contact details such as a phone number or email address.