Allotment inspections

The Council will formally inspect allotments during the main growing season and on an ad hoc basis throughout the year. We do this to benefit current tenants, people on the waiting list, the surrounding community and the local environment.

What we expect to find:

  • all plots (including any greenhouses or polytunnels) to be fully worked and utilised for the ‘growing of produce to feed your household’
  • the plot is clean, tidy and free from perennial and annual weeds or rubbish
  • cultivation to cover 75% of the allotment plot within 12 months of starting the tenancy
  • paths are neatly maintained, grass cut, free of weeds/rubbish and obstructions
  • hedges and fences are cut and well maintained
  • sheds and greenhouses are in good condition
  • all the area available in greenhouses or polytunnels is being used
  • the crops grown are clean, healthy and free from pest and disease.

As per allotment agreement, it is the plot holders responsibility to cleanse, repair and maintain all ditches, fences, gates and paths forming part of or adjoining the plot excluding the boundary fences of the Allotment Gardens.

We inspect our sites regularly to ensure that all plots are being fully worked and we will take appropriate action if plot holders are not working their plot in keeping with their tenancy agreement.

If you have a genuine reason why you can’t work your plot you must contact us as soon as possible to explain the circumstances.

Autumn inspections 2023

Autumn inspections will commence in September 2023. Please see below timetable for the upcoming inspections. All inspections are weather dependant and are subject to change, therefore we are unable to confirm which day during the week specified below that the site will be inspected.

Site name Inspection date in the week commencing
Abb Scott Lane 25 September
Avenue Road 2 October
Bowling Park 23 October
Bullroyd 2 October
Cecil Avenue 25 September
Commercial Inn 25 September
Common Road 25 September
Derby Road 9 October
Esholt Lane 25 September
Greengates 25 September
Harewood Street 16 October
Haworth Road 30 September
Haycliffe Lane 9 October
Heaton 18 September
Highfield Terrace 25 September
Legrams Lane 2 October
Little London 25 September
New House Lane 25 September
Park Road 2 October
Queens Road B 4 September
Scotchman Road 2 October
Speeton Avenue 2 October
Stanacre 16 October
Stanley Street 25 September
Sunny Bank Road 25 September
Undercliffe 9 October
Valley Allotments 4 September
Whetley Grove 2 October
Worthinghead Road 25 September