Bradford Forster Square

We’re planning changes to Forster Square Station

Bradford Council and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, together with Network Rail and Northern are planning a major redevelopment of Bradford Forster Square Station. This web page describes our proposals which were consulted on in December 2017.

We’re planning to replace the existing station as well as the lift and staircase tower. We want to:

  • Create a much larger building with a modern airy design, a glass front and a 'green' roof.
  • Install two new lifts to provide access to Cheapside/Manor Row.
  • Incorporate the arches behind the station and the lifts into the building.
  • Put 'pods' into the arches to provide extra station facilities.
  • Provide a café, toilets and ticket facilities in a smaller building within the building.
  • Improve the layout and access arrangements on the Valley Road side.
  • Clear up the overgrown area behind the station and provide a green space or 'pocket park'.

Note that we won’t be making any major changes to the railway tracks or the layout of the platforms.

Forster Square redesign

Our current plans include:

A bigger building

The whole feel of the station will be transformed with a light airy, spacious structure enclosing the lower lift entrances, the arches at the back of the station and the ticket gates. The roof will be high enough to reach above the arches on the Cheapside/Manor Road side and supported by slender columns. Glass walls and a clerestory window in the roof will add to the spacious feel of the building. A smaller building within the building will house a café, toilets and ticket facilities. Part of the building will be topped by a ‘green’ or ‘living’ roof, this will help to reduce storm water runoff and create a natural habitat.

Forster Square redesign

New lifts

Two new glass fronted lifts will replace the existing lift and stairwell tower. The new lift shafts will be much slimmer than the existing arrangement which will mean a much better view of the station when approaching from the Midland Hotel direction. Two lifts should mean a much better service between the station and Cheapside/Manor Row and the lifts will be open for longer – between the first and last train times.

Forster Square redesign

New facilities

The arches behind the station will be brought into the building and will be used to incorporate ‘pods’ - smaller structures which will be used for a range of different uses.

Forster Square redesign

Improvements outside the station

We’re going to be making big changes outside as well with improvements to the space leading down to Valley Road (next to Forster Square Retail Park). This will incorporate a turning loop for taxis and drop off and a larger pedestrian area. We’ll also be making it easier to walk up from Lower Kirkgate, next to the Midland Hotel, making a more direct link to the Broadway Shopping Centre.

Map showing location of improvements

Pocket park

Green space

Behind the station, on the Manor Row side, we’ll be rejuvenating the overgrown area between the station and the retaining wall with its attractive Victorian arches. This will be landscaped, perhaps creating a pocket park or green space for Forster Square.


We consulted on these proposals in December 2017 and have created a report on the results of this consultation (PDF).

Although the consultation period for our proposals is now over, you can still contact the project team at

Supported by West Yorkshire Combined Authority, Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership, Northern Powerhouse

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