Asbestos cement is a well bonded, sheet building material, commonly used for roofing and outbuildings such as garages. Care must be taken not to confuse it with asbestos insulation board which is similar in appearance, but much more hazardous since it is softer. The following advice applies to asbestos cement only; other types of asbestos are usually more hazardous and require more stringent precautions, and specialised handling and disposal.

Breathing asbestos dust is dangerous. Any work on asbestos cement may generate asbestos dust and we advise that the following precautions are taken to minimise the risk:

  • Avoid creating dust from asbestos cement. 
  • Never sand down or wire-brush asbestos cement. 
  • Do not use power tools on asbestos cement. 
  • Avoid breaking asbestos cement. 
  • When working with asbestos cement it is advisable to wear disposable overalls and face mask. Check that they are suitable for use with asbestos. You can get advice from safety equipment centres. After use, these should be disposed of as asbestos waste. 
  • When removing asbestos cement thoroughly wet it first, particularly around any fixings. Use an ordinary hosepipe or watering can for this, not a high-powered water jet. Add detergent to the water if possible. 
  • If fixings are difficult to undo, try to cut them off rather than break the asbestos. 
  • Asbestos cement waste must be wrapped in a double layer of strong polythene eg building grade Visqueen (500 gauge, minimum), and sealed with parcel tape or similar.

Failure to wrap or deal asbestos properly will result in a refusal of the site facilities.

  • Private householders should take their asbestos waste to the Household Waste Recycling Centre at Bowling Back Lane, Bradford. You must pre-warn us about your delivery of asbestos by calling the Contact Centre on 01274 431000 
  • The booking process will require you to provide the details of the time and date you will be bringing the waste in to the site as well as the make model and registration number of the vehicle that will bring the waste. If you are using a hire vehicle you may not know the vehicle registration number when making the booking but you must take a copy of the hire agreement with you.
  • You will also be asked to confirm it is wrapped as specified here, and asked to state how many bags you are bringing. Please note that if any of these details are incorrect when you arrive on site you will be refused permission to dispose of the asbestos by the site supervisor 
  • A minimum of 24 hours notice is required so please ensure you book well in advance of your intended arrival on site 
  • Deliveries can only be made Monday – Friday between 9am and 4pm 
  • On arrival you will be required to provide the following documentation (all of which matching the address from which the asbestos has been brought) 
    • Driving Licence 
    • Council Tax bill 
    • Vehicle Log Book (where the customer is using a company car they will need a letter from the employer confirming that the individual has permission for personal use). If you are using a hire vehicle you must take a copy of the hire agreement with you.

Only asbestos loads pre booked will be accepted.

  • All waste parcels must be of a manageable, size and weight so as to be readily lifted into the special container by the person delivering the waste. You will have to place the waste in the skip yourself as for Health and Safety reasons, the site staff are not permitted to assist customers with handling asbestos waste

Container openings are 1 m x 1 m, and 1.1 m off the ground level.

These facilities are not available for commercial operators.

Contact details

Book an asbestos delivery

Phone : 01274 431000