Other forms of protection

Planning conditions

The council, when granting planning permission for development, may require existing trees to be retained or protected as a condition of the planning permission. To find out whether trees are protected by such a condition please check the Council’s online planning system

If you believe that your tree is covered by a planning condition and you wish to carry out work to it then you will have to apply for the work.

Felling Licences

To help protect Britain's forests, a felling licence from the Forestry Commission is required to fell trees. However, trees in private gardens are exempt from this control.

A felling licence is required for the felling of relatively small volumes of wood (5 cubic metres may be felled in any calendar quarter without a licence, as long as no more than 2 are sold). It is an offence to fell trees without a licence if an exemption does not apply The overall process is described on the Forestry Commission’s web pages.

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