Apply for works to a protected tree

Before any work can be undertaken to a tree that is protected under a tree preservation order or in a conservation area, you must apply for consent to carry out work to the protected tree. 

Apply via the Planning Portal

You should carefully read the application forms and guidance notes because it is important that the council receives the appropriate information. If the correct information is not provided then there is a likelihood that the application will be returned. Therefore, we would usually recommend that a professional arboriculturalist submits the application on your behalf by properly defining the trees, the work required and the reasoning behind requiring the work.

There is no charge for a tree application.

Works to a trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order 

We aim to formally respond to an application within 8 weeks of an application being deemed valid and 86 percent of the time we achieve this.

However we would like to increase our response rate. This can be achieved with your help. Please do not ring us before the 8 week period comes to an end. Up to 30% of our time can be spent dealing with enquiries about the stage of the application and this actually delays us dealing with your application. Help us help you.

Notice of proposed works to trees in a conservation area

The Local Planning Authority's role in assessing notices of proposed works is to determine whether or not the tree/s are suitable for protection via a Tree Preservation Order.

We aim to formally respond to notices of proposed works within 6 weeks and 88% of the time we achieve this. However if you have not heard from us within 6 weeks of the validation date of your notice you may undertake the work applied for (although a Tree Preservation Order can still be made after this time period).

If you have not heard from us within the six weeks period please contact the Trees Team to find out whether or not a Tree Preservation Order(TPO) has been made because if a TPO has been made you will have to submit a TPO application.

If the Council has any objections to the proposed works you will be notified within 6 weeks of the validation date of your notice that we intend to serve a TPO. The proposal would then have to be the subject of a formal application under the TPO regulations. If we have no objections you will also be notified in writing that you may undertake the work.

Please do not ring before the 6 week period comes to an end.

My works to trees application has been refused. What are my next steps?

Details of the appeals process will be shown on the decision letter. You can also find further information by visiting the Planning Inspectorate’s website. There is no charge for this service.