The Brownfield register

This data is available to download from Data Mill North.

In April 2017 the Government published new legislation requiring all Local Planning Authorities to prepare and maintain register of brownfield land and buildings, which it considers to be suitable for residential development and to publish this before 31 December 2017.

The purpose of the register is to promote sites with unimplemented planning permission for residential development and to identify further opportunities where land is suitable for new homes in the District, to encourage re use of the land/buildings, stimulate regeneration and drive up housing delivery.

The register should be kept in 2 parts:

Part 1 of the register should comprise a list of all sites which the Local Authority consider to be suitable for residential use, are understood to be available and are likely to be achievable for residential development within 15 years. Particular note should also be afforded to sites considered to be deliverable, ie within 5 years. The Part 1 register should include details of the site, information about any current planning permissions, ownership information and provide a site plan.

Part 2 of the register will be a subset of the Part 1 and will include a list of those sites which the Council consider should be afforded Permission in Principle (PiP). Before a site can be included in part 2 it will be subject to full consultation in line with the Regulations.

More information about Brownfield registers and the permission in principle process can be found on the Government website.

Bradford District's Part 1, 2017 Brownfield Register can be downloaded from Data Mill North. The register is laid out in the standard format as required by Government. You can also view the information on an Interactive Map. The register contains a list of previously developed sites which have currently been assessed as “suitable” for residential development and are at least 0.25ha or capable of supporting at least 5 new homes. It does not presently include sites where a final decision on the best use of the site can only be made through the Local Plan process, or sites which are in use or likely to be developed for an alternative form of development, nor does it include sites which are in the process of being developed.  An Information Note is provided below which gives more information about the sources of sites included in this first register.

Please contact the Local Plan Team by email at or call 01274 434461 if you would like to submit any additional sites for consideration or to request more specific site information.

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