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Report a possible breach of planning control

Report a possible breach of planning control online now

You can also report a possible breach by writing to the planning office.

What the planning enforcement team can investigate

  • Unauthorised building or engineering works.
  • Unauthorised change of use of land or buildings.
  • Failure to comply with planning conditions attached to a planning permission.
  • Unauthorised works to a listed building.
  • Unauthorised works to protected trees.
  • Unlawful display of advertisements.
  • Untidy land or buildings which are harming the appearance of the local area.

What the planning enforcement team cannot investigate

  • Neighbour disputes.
  • Boundary disputes.
  • Damage to private property.
  • Breaches of property deeds or covenants.
  • Dangerous buildings/structures (contact Building Control).
  • Matters relating to the Party Wall Act.
  • Health and safety.
  • Construction site operations and hours of working.
  • Blocking of designated rights of way (contact Rights of Way).
  • Parking and obstructions on a public highway (contact Highways).
  • Noise disturbance or other pollution (contact Environmental Health).

I don’t want to leave my name or details. Will my enquiry still be investigated?

If an anonymous enquiry is received, the nature of the enquiry will be referred to the Planning Manager, who will decide whether or not the matter should be investigated.

An anonymous complaint will not normally be investigated unless it is considered to give rise to a serious health and safety issue.

If I make an enquiry regarding someone will the person find out it was me?

All enquiries which the Council receive about planning enforcement matters are confidential and the complainant's details are not divulged.

In some circumstances your details may however be divulged to other Council departments (for example Environmental Health, Building Control, Highways) if they have powers to assist in investigating your complaint.

If an enquiry is made about a matter that proceeds as far as appeal or prosecution proceedings, evidence may be required from you to increase the chances of a positive result, but you would be contacted about this beforehand.

What happens after I submit an enquiry to the planning enforcement team?

Please read the guide to enforcement.

At the present time it is, unfortunately, rarely possible for an Enforcement Officer to visit a site within 28 days of the complaint being submitted. However, matters which may give rise to a serious health and safety issue are given priority.

Please note that planning enforcement issues can often take a substantial length of time to resolve due to the procedure that must be followed and the volume of enquiries which the Council receives.

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