Report a breach of planning control

Bradford Council will investigate all legitimate written and telephone complaints relating to alleged breaches of planning control.

Before you report a possible breach you should check:

Please note that the Council will not investigate an enquiry based on speculation or information regarding what may be planned and where no actual breach of planning control has occurred.

Report a possible breach of planning control

We are sorry that we are experiencing some technical difficulties with the online form for reporting potential breaches of planning control.

To report a potential breach, you can contact us via email at In your email please include:

  • full postal address
  • the nature of the works carried out (such as extension, outbuilding or new use)
  • when the works commenced
  • approximate dimensions of any structure, if known
  • Photographs of the potential breach, if you are able to do so without compromising yourself
  • If the potential breach is on land which does not have a postal address, please provide a map showing the site. Screenshots of Google Maps imagery, for example, would be acceptable for this purpose.

You can also report a possible breach by writing to the planning office.

All complainants are required to provide their full name, address and contact details when reporting an alleged breach of planning control. This is necessary so we can contact you to gain further information and provide updates on the investigation.

I don’t want to leave my name or details. Will my enquiry still be investigated?

Anonymous complaints or complaints that provide either limited or incorrect details will not normally be investigated, unless it was considered that the cause of the complaint could give rise to serious health and safety problems. This policy is to ensure that council resources are not spent unnecessarily investigating hoax or malicious complaints. Furthermore, this is also due to the importance of being able to fully assess the impact of the development on the complainant as part of the investigation.

If I make an enquiry regarding someone will the person find out it was me?

Complaints received from members of the public will be treated in confidence. Whilst the substance of a complaint is not confidential information, details on the complainant will not be divulged to anyone outside of the Council.

All enquiries which the Council receive about planning enforcement matters are confidential and the complainant's details are not divulged.

What happens after I report a potential breach?

Please read the Planning Enforcement Guide which sets out how the Council deals with complaints, enquiries and breaches of planning control.

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