Property and Estates Privacy Notice

What information do we collect

We may collect some or all of the following information about you depending on which of our services you use:

  • name, title, address, contact details
  • correspondence (emails, letters, typed notes of telephone conversations)
  • dates of occupancy
  • tenancy agreement and landlord details
  • agent details if applicable
  • date of birth, National Insurance Number – for verification purposes only
  • financial information (eg how much rent an allotment tenant is paying; how much the Council pays landlords).
  • benefits you are in receipt of, medical information (eg disability) – for verification purposes (eg to check whether qualify for allotment concession)

Who uses this information?

The Service’s officers and, depending on the Service area:

  • our contractors to fulfil contractual/service obligations for customers.
  • It may also be used by other Council departments (and potentially by some government departments) where it is legal to do so.

Why do we use this information?

We use this information to ensure that the Council is fully up to date about its assets (buildings and land) and its customers Service/contractual needs (educational establishments/tenants/community centres) in order to:

  • fulfil its day to day property management responsibilities (where 'property' means building or land), eg billing and collection of rents and rates etc.
  • disseminate regular updates to its customers, eg allotment newsletter circulation, Building and Technical Services updates to customers
  • inform property-related projects, eg community asset transfer
  • fulfil contractual, legal or statutory obligations

Sometimes we may use the information you have provided us for research and analysis to help us deliver services better and share this with our partners. When we do so, we remove any personal information that may identify you as an individual or household and only use and share anonymous statistics.

What authority does Bradford Council have to collect and use this information?

Under the General Data Protection Regulations, Bradford Council collects and uses this information under powers given to Local Authorities (councils). The following categories of lawfulness apply:

6(1)(b) Processing is necessary for the performance of a contract with the data subject or to steps to enter into a contract

6(1)(c) Processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation

6(1)(d) Processing is necessary to protect the vital interests of a data subject or another person

6(1)(e) Processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller

9(2)(d) Processing carried out by a not-for-profit body with a political, philosophical,religious or trade union aim provided the processing relates only to members or former members (or those who have regular contact with it in connection with those purposes) and provided there is no disclosure to a third party without consent.

Legal obligation or public task under various UK laws including but not limited to:

  • The Localism Act 2011
  • The Equality Act 2010
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006

Who are we likely to share this information with?

We may sometimes share the information we have collected about you where it is statutory, necessary, lawful and fair to do so. In each case we will only share the minimum amount of information, as and when required, for the following reasons:

With other Bradford Council departments about:

  • the billing and collection of rents
  • day to day property management and maintenance, eg allotment plot allocation, new tenants of commercial premises, rent review, aids and adaptation
  • routine allotment business, eg newsletter circulation, regular updates or regular Building and Technical Services customer updates

We may potentially share this information with:

  • other government departments eg HMRC, DWP
  • judicial agencies/police ( to prevent, detect and prosecute crime (including the National Fraud Initiative))
  • an Elected Member/MP as your representative.
  • funding bodies

With other organisations such as Housing Associations, Contractors or utilities companies (with your consent, or where the law allows us) to:

  • provide services to you on the Council’s behalf such as compliance tests and statutory inspections or aids and adaptations installations
  • repair or maintain a property/site

Research and analysis

Sometimes we may use the information you have provided us for research and analysis to help us better deliver services and share this with our partners. When we do so, we remove any personal information that may identify you as an individual or household and only use and share anonymous statistics.

How do we keep this information secure?

Your information is stored securely on databases and document management systems with stringent access and use policies. We also undertake quality checks and monitoring to ensure the information we hold is accurate at the time and being used appropriately.

When computers make any decisions about you

Not applicable

When your data gets sent to other countries

We do not send any information we collect about you outside the United Kingdom.

How long do we keep this information?

We retain information for as long as the contract is 'live'.  Once the contract has expired, it is then kept until the relevant retention period is reached. Each Service area maintains a retention register for the various types of documentation they deal with within their specific area.  Some records may be kept indefinitely if the law requires it.

What are your rights?

You have the right to request Bradford Council to stop processing your personal data in relation to any council service.  See our main Privacy Notice for details.

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