Procurement Service Privacy Notice

What information do we collect

The Procurement Service is responsible for the Council's supplier / payee system. Personal information (name, address, contact and bank account details) are collected from sole traders and individuals. In addition, National Insurance numbers are collected from sole traders where deductions are made through the Construction Industry Scheme.

Personal information (name, address, contact and bank details) are also collected for employees, service users, recipients of grants, refunds or allowances.

Employee personal information is collected as part of the Council's purchasing card application process.

Personal information may be collected from suppliers as part of their tender submissions and ongoing contract management arrangements.

Personal information may also be collected from existing suppliers where the re-procurement of a contract involves the transfer of staff from an existing employer to the new contract holder in accordance with TUPE legislation.

Employee, Elected Member and service user personal information is collected for the purpose of making travel and hotel bookings.

Personal information is collected from the supplier of the agency workers contract.

Who uses this information?

Information may be used by:

  • Procurement Service
  • Other Council Officers
  • Council Suppliers
  • External Auditors
  • HMRC

Why do we use this information?

The Council is accountable for the way it spends its money.

Personal information is used to order and pay for goods/services and make the following types of payments:

  • Payment of grants, refunds and allowances
  • Health and social care payments  
  • Payment of employee expenses

Payment information is used to prevent future duplicate payments.

Personal information from sole traders is used to make deductions under the Construction Industry Scheme.

Personal information from suppliers may be used by the Council as part of tender evaluation criteria, required as general supporting information for a tender or as part of the ongoing management of a contract that has been awarded.

The Procurement Service manage the Corporate Travel Contract and make travel and hotel bookings for the Council.  Personal information for staff, service users and Elected Members is used for the bookings.

Personal information is used from the supply of agency workers contract to short list and recruit candidates to Council vacancies.

What authority does CBMDC have to collect and use this information?

The Council holds the information to fulfil the Council's statutory S151 responsibilities, to ensure the appropriate financial arrangements are in place, to manage the Council's affairs and obtain value for money from tenders and contracts.

Who are we likely to share this information with?

The Procurement Service share personal information with:

  • The purchasing card system provider (card holder personal information)
  • Suppliers (if the information is required to deliver a contract)
  • The system provider of the regional electronic tendering system.
  • The supplier of the Corporate Travel contract.
  • The new contract holder if there is a transfer of employment information regarding affected employees (TUPE).
  • HMRC

How do we keep this information secure?

Supplier / payee details are held on a secure system. The Procurement Service control access to the system for viewing vendor details.

Supplier payee details and payment information is held on a secure portal to prevent future duplicate payments.

Tender information is kept on the regional electronic tendering system.  Permission and access to the system for all Council officers is controlled by the Procurement Service.

Personal information is stored on the service's secure network drive. Access to the network is controlled by ICT.

Agency worker candidate information is kept on the providers secure system. Access to the system is controlled.

When computers make any decisions about you

No decisions are made by computers.

When your data gets sent to other countries

No data gets sent to other countries.

How long do we keep this information?

Information is kept in accordance with the Council retention schedules.

What are your rights?

You have the right to request CBMDC to stop processing your personal data in relation to any council service.  See our main Privacy Notice for details.

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