Help for homeowners with home improvements

If you own your home the Council may be able to help you pay to make your home warm, safe and dry. The Council can give financial assistance to homeowners to carry out essential repairs or improvements if you meet certain conditions.

What repairs and improvements are covered

If you qualify for financial assistance the Council can help pay for repairs or improvements which will either tackle risks to your health and safety or which will bring your home up to a "decent" standard.  This will generally include things like:

  • mending a leaking roof.
  • fixing faulty wiring.
  • replacing old kitchens and bathrooms.
  • installing central heating.

How to apply for help

You can find out more about how you can apply for help and how we deal with your application by seeing our What happens if you ask for help with repairs page.

We also have some more information about other organisations and schemes that may be able to help.

Home Appreciation Loans and Health and Safety Assistance are provided by the Council as part of our Comprehensive Housing Renewal Policy.

Watch our video about the home appreciation loan

The Home Appreciation Loan offers people on low incomes or on benefits the opportunity to improve their home and do work that they might not otherwise be able to afford. For more information, please watch our video about the home appreciation loan.

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