Help for the neighbours of empty homes

An empty property can be very distressing for neighbours as it can become a magnet for anti-social behaviour such as vandalism and graffiti and is also at risk of being squatted in as well as fraud and other criminal activity.

If an empty property falls into disrepair there is also a risk of damage to adjacent properties. This can include water ingress from burst pipes, or dampness due to defective gutters.

The owners of empty properties often live elsewhere and are unaware of the impact that their empty property is having on the neighbours.

The Empty Homes and Loans Team provide advice and information on empty and derelict residential properties and will work with the owner to help them bring the property back into use.

Officers in the team will also take enforcement action if necessary to deal with the problems caused by empty properties.

If you have a complaint or need further advice about an empty property please contact the Empty Homes and Loans Team.

What happens if you contact us about an empty property

The Empty Homes and Loans Team at Bradford Council work with the owners of empty properties using a number of measures to help bring them back into use - in some cases enforcement action is necessary.

We only deal with residential property and cannot handle enquiries relating to long term empty commercial property.

What happens when I contact the Council?

  • Your enquiry/complaint will be logged and allocated to an officer within the Regeneration Team. 
  • The officers investigate all legitimate enquiries relating to empty properties in the Bradford District. 
  • We will not disclose your details to a third party. 
  • We aim to make an initial response to enquiries within 3 working days. 
  • When contacting this Service to make an enquiry, try to give as many details as possible, including: 
    • The full address of the empty property and name of the owner, if known. 
    • Details of the problem/nuisance caused by the empty property

The more information we have, the more we can do to help.

How we will handle your enquiry

If the empty property is insecure, or causing a nuisance, the officer will visit and start enforcement action to address this problem (in co-operation with the owner where possible).

Any other issues will also be referred to the appropriate Council Service or agency.

Also during the visit, the officer will risk assess the property based on the length of time it has been empty, the type of property, its condition and any nuisance being caused. It will be scored and placed in a priority order based on this assessment.

Whilst this Service attempts to work with owners to bring empty properties back into use, it is not an offence to leave a property unoccupied. The Council only take enforcement action as a last resort where the property is causing nuisance or blight to an area.

If enforcement action is not appropriate we have Empty Homes Advisors who will attempt to make contact with the owner to create an “Empty Home Action Plan” to get the property occupied.

There are other agencies and Departments who can help with associated problems or issues that you may wish to consider contacting. These include:

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Contact details

Empty Homes and Loans Team
8th Floor
Margaret McMillan Tower
Princes Way

Phone : 01274 434520
Email :

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