About empty homes

The problem with empty homes

Empty properties can easily cause trouble for their owners, and the neighbourhood, since they can quickly fall into disrepair and are an easy target for vandals and squatters. They can also become a base for fraudulent criminal activity. Eventually an empty property can become an eyesore and detract from an otherwise pleasant street.

What the Council can do about empty homes

Tackling the problem of empty homes makes good sense.  We need more housing in Bradford District and bringing empty homes back in to use will help make the most of the existing housing stock.  It is particularly important that we increase the amount of affordable housing.

The Council’s Empty Homes and Loans Team have a range of initiatives to help owners of empty homes bring them back into use.

Some empty or derelict homes can be brought back into use simply by giving advice and information about incentives to the owner.

In other cases the only answer is taking enforcement action to repair properties that are causing a statutory nuisance.  In extreme cases, the Council will consider Compulsory Purchase where there has been a long history of non cooperation by the owner and the property is causing continued blight on the surrounding area.

Advice for neighbours of empty homes

The Empty Homes and Loans Team seeks out long term empty homes so that we can work with the owners to bring them back into use, preferably before it affects the neighbourhood.

The Team also deals with referrals from the public, particularly if you are directly affected by the problems caused by an empty property.

More advice is available if you live next to, or near to, an empty house.

If the problem is with an empty Incommunities (formerly Council) property please contact Incommunities.

Advice for owners of empty homes

The Council works with owners of empty properties and other agencies to try and get unoccupied homes back into use.

There are a wide range of options available to the owner including:

  • occupying the property themselves 
  • selling the property to someone else who will either live there or let the property out
  • becoming a landlord and letting the property out themselves, or through a Property Letting Agent.

The Empty Homes and Loans Team can help you tackle the many barriers that may be stopping you bring the property back into use.

Further advice and information is available if you own an empty property.

Tackling Empty Homes in the Bradford District: Action Plan 2021 - 2025

You can find our action plan 'Tackling Empty Homes in the Bradford District: Action Plan 2021-2025' on our housing and related strategies page.

Contact details

Empty Homes and Loans Team
8th Floor
Margaret McMillan Tower
Princes Way

Phone : 01274 434520
Email : CHPenquiries@bradford.gov.uk