Cold weather advice

For more advice about winter weather, gritting and disruptions visit our winter and gritting page.

Health advice in cold weather

It is important you think about how cold weather this winter may affect you, your family and your home. As temperatures drop, you need to keep warm and well. Cold weather can lead to serious health problems and even kill. People who have suffered from heart attacks, strokes or pneumonia; those who are 65 or over; or people with chronic health condition, are particularly at risk.

Looking out for yourself and others is essential to keeping healthy. Check weather forecasts and plan the day around them. Try to maintain indoor temperatures to at least 18ºC, particularly if you are not mobile, have long term illness or are 65 or over.

Find the right NHS service for you by visiting our NHS Healthcare Services page.

Top tips keep yourself healthy and your home warm this winter:

  • Stay healthy by eating well and being active – making time to spend with friends and family.
  • You may not feel thirsty in cold weather, but it’s important to have plenty of hot or cold drinks.
  • Stay warm and wrap up in several thin layers of clothing rather than one thick layer. Make sure you wear the correct footwear.
  • Don’t put off getting the flu vaccination; if you’re eligible get it as soon as possible. It’s free because you need it.
  • Talk to a pharmacist or GP if you’re unwell or want to make sure you’ve got enough support with a long term condition.
  • If you need to go out in bad weather, dress warmly and wear non-slip shoes to limit any falls. Also be sure to tell someone where you are going and an expected time when you will return. If you have a mobile phone, try to carry this with you, charged, so you can contact someone in case of an emergency. Wear lots of thin layers, eat warm food and remember that moving about will help keep you warm.
  • Keep yourself in contact with others in the local community and look out for friends and family who may be vulnerable to the cold and ensure they have access to warm food and drinks and are managing to heat their homes.

Warm Homes, Healthy People

We work with charitable and voluntary organisations to help vulnerable groups across the district through the Warm Homes, Healthy People partnership.

You can find out more about staying well during colder periods at the NHS Choices website.

The Cold Weather Plan for England, sets out a series of actions that health and social care organisations, voluntary groups, and individuals can take to help reduce cold-related illnesses and deaths.

There are a variety of entitlements and benefits people can apply for if struggling to keep their houses warm, such as Winter Fuel Payments and Cold Weather Payments. Information about these is available on the GOV.UK website.

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