Pest control

The Council does not provide a pest control service and it is not required to do so.

You are responsible for keeping your land and buildings free from vermin. If your property has an infestation, you should contact a pest control expert who will be able to advise and offer practical help. The Council does not recommend any particular service.

The National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA) and the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) can provide details of local professional pest control services. Alternatively details can be found in telephone directories.

Pests on public land or neighbouring properties

If you are worried about pests or vermin on public land or outside a neighbouring property, contact us on 01274 434366 or contact us online.

Filthy and/or verminous premises

When a property has a lot of food waste, faecal material, soiled clothing or furniture or is infested with vermin (including rats, mice, insects or parasites including their eggs, larvae and pupae) it may be termed 'filthy and/or verminous'. These properties are often difficult to access, and that may present a physical or fire risk to the occupants and adjoining premises. For advice, contact the Housing Standards Team by emailing or telephone 01274 434520.

Animals protected by UK law


The treatment of bees is discouraged for environmental reasons. Treatments are only carried out for health and safety reasons, such as if a vulnerable person is at risk. The British Beekeepers Association hold a list of names and addresses of bee keepers who may collect the bees for a fee.


All UK bats are protected by law, and it is a criminal offence to kill or injure them. It is also an offence to destroy or obstruct access to their roost. Natural England can offer advice on what to do if you need to move bats or a bat roost.

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