Nuisance bonfires

Any kind of bonfire could harm the environment and be bad for our health. But it is not against the law to have the occasional garden bonfire.

If your neighbour is having too many bonfires and it is becoming a nuisance, the best way to approach this is to have a friendly chat and let them know that their bonfires are affecting you.

If you have tried that and their bonfires are taking place daily or over a long period of time, then we may decide it is a ‘statutory nuisance’. This is something that our environmental health officer can investigate.

We usually start by talking to the person having the bonfires. If we are satisfied that the bonfires are a statutory nuisance we can tell them to stop. That is called serving an abatement notice.

If they ignore the notice we will ask you to keep a record of the fires they are still having. Eventually we can take them to the Magistrates’ Court.

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