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Privacy, security and trust

There are also ethical considerations with data sharing across public bodies to support joined up services, particularly in social care which involves sharing sensitive personal data.  Data sharing across organisations is a complex issue and is being handled with care to ensure data is secure and to protect individuals and organisations.  While there are security risks from data sharing, this has to be balanced by the risks of not sharing data in predicting individuals and families at risk support by multiple agencies.

Currently much of the ownership of our data is in the hands of companies such as app companies, insurance companies and public sector bodies and not individuals.  Companies are able to commodify data and exploit the value.  There are some data movements which are seeking to incorporate new models of data ownership where individuals own their data, allowing them to decide how they share it and whom with, challenging perceptions about personal data and its use. 

"Personal data is becoming a new economic asset class, a valuable resource for the 21st Century that will touch all aspects of society".

We will seek to limit use of personal data as much as possible, using non-personal or anonymised data where possible. 

We will engage with communities in sharing personal data across public bodies to build trust and consent.  We will raise awareness in communities around security and commodification of personal data in private use when downloading apps for example.